LED Trumpet


This is my second iteration of my LED trumpet.  The first iteration used an Arduino Nano, but I upgraded to a Teensy this time around for more processing power (gotta get all them FFT’s).  The system is powered by Lipo batteries (from my rc aircraft projects) feeding a Castle 10A SBEC that provides 5V to the Teensy and SK6812 individually addressable LEDs.  There’s an Adafruit microphone module buried inside the 3D printed electronics housing, allowing the LEDs to run an FFT pattern and volume-activated effects.  Three buttons on the side of the electronics housing allow the user to change modes (or play snake, in one of the modes), and a power switch allows the user to easily flick the system on or off with their thumb.  The top of the electronics housing has an LED voltmeter built in to allow the user to monitor the battery voltage of the trumpet.


Parts List

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